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Our ProductsLoading Bay Equipment Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers are the crucial part of your loading bay area. Usage of dock leveler aids in fast loading and unloading of goods at warehouse, moreover is also important from safety and security view. Dock leveler acts as bridge between loading bay area and truck, height difference between truck and bay area is bridged and material movement can be carried out smoothly between warehouse and truck. We manufacture dock levelers conforming to EN 1398 standards and our product is CE marked. Operation of dock leveler is very easy, unskilled labor can use perform operation with ease.

Salient Features

Its platform is welded using robotic arm and lip in almond anti-slip steel.
Single effect lift cylinder, double effect lip cylinder.
Security stop in case of unintentional departure of the vehicle. Maximum pressure valve.
Numerous sizes of rubber cushions offered.
Adjacent foot guard steel guards.
Tilt permits Dock Leveler to recompense for canted situation.
Maintenance prop to support Dock Leveler during maintenance checks.


Radius Lip Dock Leveler

Forklift Roll-off Barrier Lip Dock Leveler

Ergosafe Lip Dock Leveler

Telescopic Lip Dock Leveler

Trio Telescopic Lip Dock Leveler

Edge-of-Dock Leveler

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers