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Industrial Sliding Doors

Motorised Heavy Industrial Sliding Doors are excellent for large openings and are custom built to meet the requirements of our customers. They are ideal for industrial applications, both as external and internal doors where maximum door opening is required. The doors are designed for tough everyday operation, extremely sturdy, resistant to impact and effectively corrosion-protected.

  • Doors are constructed of 100% CFC free polyurethane high density insulated steel sliding doors of 80 mm, 120 mm or 150 mm thickness with protection against corrosion or corrugated PEB cladding sheet
  • Minimum headroom required and is best suited for temperature controlled areas
  • Top rollers made of self-lubricating nylon which ensures smooth and noise free movement of the door
  • Hot galvanised material treated with primer and polyester resin offer optimum protection against adverse effects of the environment
  • The stucco embossing on both sides of the door leaf makes the surface resistant to scratches
  • Equipped with CE certified rugged and powerful drive unit, integral electronic control unit and built in contact-less magnetic limit-switch

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