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High Speed Doors

High Performance Doors are automatic doors used for fast access between internal and external areas of buildings.

Prime High Performance Doors are designed and factory-made with German collaboration using state-of-the-art and resourceful engineering technology for frequent use in high traffic areas with opening speeds up to 3 m/s. The high opening speed reduces time taken in movement of material, thus hastening the logistics process. Our team of skilled engineers visits site and recommend the most suitable rapid door to client. Rapid doors are manufactured and installed keeping in mind international standards.

Many manufacturing industries nowadays need a controlled environment in which you limit the amount of dirt and dust in the manufacturing premises. Medical instrument manufacturer, electronics and computer manufacturer, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and some military applications are but a few of the examples that have strict requirements for maintaining dust free environment. High speed doors have become integral part of every industry.

A wide range of Prime High Speed Doors are available for various operations, including areas with special requirements for temperature control, hygiene, storage and handling of frozen foods, Atex rapid doors are need in explosion proof areas, deep freezer automatic roll up door are need in cold storages, warehousing, loading bays and on conveyor systems. Prime Reset features a special advanced self-repairing system.


Prime Food

Prime Reset

Prime Reset - ISM

Prime Mesh-M D

Prime Reset EE

Prime Cold Reset

Prime Freezer

Prime Freezer Push Pull

Prime Freezer Duo

Sure Trac NL / VL / HL

Prime Machine

Prime Atex

Prime Conveyor

Prime Twin

Prime Plus - Plus Storm

Prime King

Prime Metallic

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