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Retractable Gates

Retractable Gates offered by Build Enterprises India stances out amongst others because they blend flawlessly with its surroundings. They not only match the building installed with the gates, but are a piece of eye- catching architectural work with high functionality and artistic value. It is said that when technology progresses to the highest stage, it climbs into art. The premium combined head unit is the result of such a exclusive combination of technology and art. This state-of-the art head unit is made of high accuracy, high forte plastic and weight improved materials. Incorporated with the maximum advanced features, plus intelligent control circuit, a world-leading spiral clutch technology and deluxe details the retractable gates lead the way into the acumen age in the industry. It is harmless, consistent, energy-saving, and offers excessive horsepower and starting stability. Above all, it can even task normally during a power failure.

  • Cantilevered Sliding Gates accessible for a span of up to 30 m appropriate for securing commercial, industrial & public utilities
  • The benefit of using cantilevered gates is that they have no ground track or foundation in the roadway hence vehicle does not experience any collisions
  • Ideal for road surfaces which are uneven or sloping.
  • Gate is not susceptible to to getting blocked by leaves or dirt hence reduced maintenance.
  • Flat, quiet action due to no supports at the bottom of the gate.

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