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Stacking Doors - Kompakt

Stacking door is an electrically operated insulated vertically stacking sectional door panels that can be installed in locations where headroom constraints or noise restrictions prevent the use of other conventional industrial doors. The doors are manufactured as standard from 610mm deep x 40mm thick insulated galvanised panels.

The benefits of the stacking door technology.
  • No fixation by the ceiling required
  • Compact stacking of door panels directly above the doorway enables clear unobstructed positioning of roof lights, light fittings, syphonic piping, crane beams etc into the basic design of the building layout.
  • The lack of counterbalance springs reduces the need for heavy steel support work at high level thus reducing the cost of the overall door framing
  • The unique track guiding system minimises the force on moving parts reducing noise emission during operation and hence reduced cost of operation and maintenance
  • Combination of insulated door panels with transparent acrylic window and aluminium profiles provide sophisticated architectural solution and more natural daylight inside your workspace.

Advantages of Stacking Door :

No Overhead Steel Frame

A traditional insulated sectional overhead door requires overhead support from the roof structure unlike the stacking door which simply stacks above the door opening.

Less installation time

The stacking door does not require overhead rails fixed to the roof structure to support the door panels or balancing springs when opened. It is therefore quicker to install and offers reduced maintenance cost.

No Corner Installation Issue

The stacking door does not rely on the roof structure for secondary support for the door panels when opening and hence suitable for corner installations.

More free overhead space

The stacking door stacks above the door opening and provides more free overhead space.