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To & Fro Doors

The semi insulating doors differ for their sturdiness qualities and for the design accuracy. From the small hatch to the big openings, the range is really large and suits various applications.

They are used as doors for passing to/from manufacturing, processing, corridors, handling areas having no or little temperature difference in between. They are suitable for separating the areas through which load handling devices such forklifts, pallet trucks etc. are passed.

The wideness of the range allows to offer a “turnkey” service satisfying the needs in the different fields, such as agro-industrial application, industrial use, dairy plants, fishing industries, logistic, flora-nursery, meat processing plants and sausage and salami factory.

  • It is provided with double action composite material hinges with auto close facility & stop at 90° angle inside as well as outside; furthermore, it is provided with a Lexan oval porthole
  • The semi-insulating to and fro doors are available in single or double leaf version with modular and telescopic anodized aluminum frame, with monolithic 40 mm thick insulated leaf covered by pre-painted galvanized steel sheets or A304/A316 Stainless Sheet available in any thickness (0.5mm to 1.2mm) with injected high density PU foam
  • The ideal application is to separate rooms where people or trolleys need to pass in a fast and easy way, such as industrial kitchens, processing rooms in the food, pharmaceutical, and industrial field
  • They are manufactured by using hygienic materials conforming European standards. They contain no organic materials

Technical Specifications

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